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File Formats




















Resource Types

All Resources have a Resource Type (ResType) that corresponds to their file type. Resources are stored in BIFs and ERFs without their file extensions, but with their ResTypes instead.

The table below list ResTypes for resources that may be stored in a BIF or ERFs.

Resource Types

ResType File Extension Content Type Description
0xFFFF N/A N/A Invalid resource type
1 bmp binary Windows BMP file
3 tga binary TGA image format
4 wav binary WAV sound file
6 plt binary BioWare Packed Layer Texture, used for player character skins, allows for multiple color layers.
7 ini text (ini) Windows INI file format
10 txt text Text file
2002 mdl mdl Aurora model
2009 nss text NWScript Source
2010 ncs binary NWScript Compiled Script
2012 are gff BioWare Aurora Engine Area file. Contains information on what tiles are located in an area, as well as other static area properties that cannot change via scripting.
For each .are file a .mod, there must also be a corresponding .git and .gic file having the same ResRef.
2013 set text (ini) BioWare Aurora Engine Tileset
2014 ifo gff Module Info File
2015 bic gff Character/Creature
2016 wok mdl Walkmesh
2017 2da text 2-D Array
2022 txi text Extra Texture Info
2023 git gff Game Instance File. Contains information for all object instances in an area, and all area properties that can change via scripting.
2025 uti gff Item Blueprint
2027 utc gff Creature Blueprint
2029 dlg gff Conversation File
2030 itp gff Tile/Blueprint Palette File
2032 utt gff Trigger Blueprint
2033 dds binary Compressed texture file
2035 uts gff Sound Blueprint
2036 ltr binary Letter-combo probability info for name generation
2037 gff gff Generic File Format. Used when undesirable to create a new file extension for a resource, but the resource is a GFF. (Examples of GFFs include itp, utc, uti, ifo, are, git)
2038 fac gff Faction File
2040 ute gff Encounter Blueprint
2042 utd gff Door Blueprint
2044 utp gff Placeable Object Blueprint
2045 dft text (ini) Default Values file. Usedby area properties dialog
2046 gic gff Game Instance Comments. Comments on instances are not used by the game, only the toolset, so they are stored in a gic instead of in the git with the other instance properties.
2047 gui gff Graphical User Interface layout used by the game
2051 utm gff Store/Merchant Blueprint
2052 dwk mdl Door walkmesh
2053 pwk mdl Placeable Object walkmesh
2056 jrl gff Journal File
2058 utw gff Waypoint Blueprint
2060 ssf binary Sound Set File
2064 ndb binary Script Debugger File
2065 ptm gff Plot Manager File/Plot Instance
2066 ptt gff Plot Wizard Blueprint

Resource Content Types

The table below provides more detail concerning the various content types.

Resource Content Types

Content Type Description
binary Binary file format. Details vary widely as to implementation.
text Plain text file.
For some text resources, it doesn't matter whether lines are terminated by CR+LF or just CR characters, but for other text resources, it might matter. To avoid complications, always use CR+LF line terminators because that at least will work in all cases.
text (ini) Windows INI file format. Special case of a text file.
gff BioWare Generic File Format
mdl BioWare Aurora model file format. Can be plain text or binary.
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